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Expression of Wish

The Trustee of the TotalEnergies UK Pension Plan has a complete discretion when deciding who receives any cash lump sum from the Plan following your death and your help is needed to provide information to it on your wishes regarding your dependants.

A completed Expression of Wish form allows you to tell the Trustee who you would like to be considered to receive any cash lump sum benefits following your death, to help provide for your loved ones.The Trustee will then consider this form (but is not bound by it) in exercising its discretion as to who receives any payments, so it is important you keep it up to date.

To complete a form simply visit the TotalEnergies UK Pension Plan online portal

If you havent yet registered on the Member Portal view this short video which will show you how.

Update my details

It’s very important that you make sure the Plan have your up-to-date contact details, so we can send you important information about your pension. Simply login to the TotalEnergies UK Pension Plan online portal, to check your personal details are up to date.

Get a retirement quote

Are you age 55 or over (or 57 and over from 6 April 2028) and are looking to retire soon? You’ll need to get an up-to- date retirement quote.

Defined contribution (DC) members

If you’re a member of the DC Scheme and need to get a retirement quote, you’ll need to contact Buck, the Pension Administrators who will give you an up-to-date calculation.

Defined benefit (DB) members

If you hold DB benefits within the Plan, you may be able to obtain your own retirement or transfer calculation by logging into the TotalEnergies UK Pension Plan online portal. This function may not be available to all at present, if this is the case please, contact Buck, the Plan Administrators for an up-to-date quote.

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